1. C# 求 斐波那契数列

    多返回值的设计很好, 但 为什么还要支持 返回键名引用..

    我猜测 多返回值 在内部的类型就是一个数据类....


    我最欣赏的两门语言 Go, Kotlin, 在我看来他们的设计者才真正的懂语言..

    其他语言 就像是各种特性的缝合怪..

  2. C# 判断一个字符串为空的写法...

  3. 快餐文分享:

    C# Updates for the Absent C# Developer (C# 6.0 and newer overview)


    摘要: It has been a while since I actively developed in C#. I mostly worked with C# and .NET during the 3.0 to 4.5 days and I did async/await work very early on, so I skip over that as well. After a job change, I didn’t touch C# for actual work. I mostly just watched the development from the sidelines via news. Today, I take a short look at some features. I will skip a lot and just add some of my highlights tour.

    文章介绍了 C# 6.0 以来的新特性语法。

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