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    The Few, the Tired, the Open Source Coders

    摘要:But open source success, Thornton quickly found, has a dark side. He felt inundated. Countless people wrote him and Otto every week with bug reports, demands for new features, questions, praise. Thornton would finish his day job and then spend four or five hours every night frantically working on Bootstrap—managing queries, writing new code. “I couldn't grab dinner with someone after work,” he says, because he felt like he'd be letting users down: I shouldn't be out enjoying myself. I should be working on Bootstrap!

    文章以 BootstrapUI 作者 Thornton 为例,描述了 在没有资本背书的情况下 开源工作者的现状,很残酷也很无奈。开源代表的就是一份责任,如果没有一个良好的反馈机制,很难走下去。

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